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I grew up on a farm in Iowa where I learned that hard work was often the cause for success. I continued to work hard in all of my ambitions as a young kid, most especially through fitness as an athlete. I was a four sport high school athlete and part of seven state championship teams as an E-Hawk. In Loras College, I played baseball and football, while maintaining my academics with a spot on the Dean’s List. I believe, just as I was taught, that if you can master basic fundamentals, focus your energy on developing your weaknesses into strengths, and challenge yourself to make consistent daily improvements, you will find success.

After conquering my own success as a fitness trainer and published author, I wanted to help others find success through fitness. I became location manager and head trainer at Cross Kicks Fitness™ so that I could inspire people to find joy and entertainment in their fitness endeavors. Many people view exercise as a chore, and my goal was to show people that they can have fun working out and still see real results! I believe success is often the consequence of hard work, but I also believe it’s possible to enjoy the work along the way! I’m determined to help my members find success in their lives through health and activity by displaying a positive and motivational attitude as their trainer and friend.


Fitness Specialist
NSCA Certified
Bachelors of Science in Sports Science – Pre Physical Therapy
Published Author “Get it Right Make it Tight” The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable and Profitable Personal Training Business


At-home trainer for Season 8 contestant of NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser.”
Behind the scenes trainer for contestant of MTV’s show “I used to be Fat.”
Fitness program design specialist
X-Treme Physique classes/ Elite Boot camp
Founder of X-Plode Athletic Enhancement Program
Accountability coach
Tony Wuebker
Head Trainer/ Vice President


I was born in Woodstock, Il. My dad was a dairy farmer and we owned a local milk hauling business and my mom was a SAHM. I am one of three children and with two brothers there was never a dull moment in our house. Growing up I was a competitive cheerleader and played softball but never really lifted weights until i was an adult.

At a whopping 5’0” tall I was always considered an athletic build and never really struggled with weight. In 2008 I gave birth to my first son and found myself struggling to get back to my previous weight. Like most mothers I had put myself on the back burner, started eating unhealthy and found myself rapidly gaining weight. I joined a local gym, hired a personal trainer and the rest is history. I have trained along side CKF owner, head trainer, and my now husband Tony Wuebker for almost 10 years and I am forever grateful for everything he has taught me. I am now the mother of FOUR beautiful children Cooper, Cade, Emma and Olivia and fitness is still a top priority.

My passion is to empower women to be the best version of themselves, make their health a priority, regain confidence, and find a love for fitness.

Cross Kicks Fitness is my home, it’s not just a gym. You’re always greeted at the door with a high five and a smile. The workouts are made to be modified for any fitness level and the trainers and members are one of kind. I believe we bring something to the table no else can offer. At CKF you always have an open ear, a friendly atmosphere, a place to grow and challenge yourself, and a judgment free zone where the trainers and members are always rooting for your success.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED Certified
Associate of Arts in ECE
Abby Wuebker


Hey there! Born and raised in the Bolingbrook and Downers Grove area until I "grew up" and went to college. I grew up as a middle child of 4 total siblings. We all in someway are involved in the health field. You could say taking care of others is in our nature.

I've always been an active person in something either sports teams, fitness challenges, MMA or just good old fashioned body building style training. Anyone that knows me will tell you I am always looking for something to do or compete in otherwise I get really bored! I competed in 2 fitness challenges in the last year (2017/18) and competed in an MMA tournament. I love a great challenge for myself and always strive to push for my absolute best in and outside of my comfort zone!

Fitness has always encompassed my life in some way and then one day it clicked and decided to turn it into a career so that I can help others with their fitness journey as well! I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2002 with a degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education with a focus on becoming a teacher. After I graduation and a short stint as an educator I chose to make a switch to helping others in fitness outside of the classroom and more so in a gym or anywhere anyone needs the help or coaching.

Some random facts about me: I am obsessed with superheroes and secretly would love to be one. I had a mild obsession with Celine Dion in my teen years. I love a good quote and have compiled a book of good stories and quotes for almost 20 years (I'm still adding to it so bring me new ones!) I am the proud owner of a Hello Kitty tattoo!

I look forward to helping you on your fitness journey and reaching any goals you may have!
Dominic Gianpetro